About Us

If we are lucky enough, we might have a moment in our lives when we capture a glimpse of our future. If we are really lucky we may even hold it in our hands.

This picture is that moment for me. A boy, a fish, and a dream.

I love to fish and I am a fierce competitor. How could I do both and at the same time connect with anglers all over the world? How could I connect with those anglers and share our stories or perhaps compete against them. How could I do all of that and help conserve our lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans?

iCatch is the door to that dream, not just for me but, for everybody that has ever dared to go after something bigger than themselves. Come join this journey with me, let’s catch fish together, let’s compete against each other, share our stories, and together help conserve one of our greatest resources. I’m ready and the fish are biting, meet you on the water.

Our iCatch Family Commitments:

We believe in the future of fishing by practicing and promoting responsible fishing methods.
We believe in NEVER sharing your catch locations with other anglers!
We believe that our technology will enhance your fishing experience.
We are committed to recording your catch and the stories that go with them.
We are committed to managing your tournament so you can focus on fishing.
We believe that together we can create the most comprehensive biological fish study ever created to insure the health of fish and habitat.