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Create your own tournament for 2-200+ anglers. The iCatch App is designed to manage all aspects of your tournament to make it the best experience ever, whether you’re the one running the tournament or the one winning it. Download the iCatch App today for Free!

Invite friends

Easily Invite your Friends to compete against you in tournaments.

Multi-Tournament Compatible

Compete in as many tournaments as you want at the same time.

Available Globally

Compete from Anywhere, Anytime! iCatch App can be used across the globe!

Live Leaderboard

Easily track your progress with our Live Leaderboards!


Want to compete against your buddy on the lake this weekend? What about your buddy that lives in a different state? How about against 10 other guys from your club? With ICatch you can quickly and easily setup your own tournament and invite others to join. Creating a tournament can take less than 2 minutes!

Fish from anywhere, anytime! No matter where you live or what you are fishing for, you can compete in tournaments on the ICatch App. Best of all, compete on your time! Don’t see a tournament you like? Create your own!

Quick Tournament Creation
Online Dashboard
Easy Catch Management
Full Judging Capabilities
Live Leaderboards

iCatch has built an extensive Tournament Management System to help you conduct your fishing tournament in a professional manner. Interested in learning more about our Tournament Management System, schedule a demo today.

iCatch supports team tournaments. Whether it’s a simple 2v2, 300 hundred teams of 2, or 100v100, iCatch can handle your team tournament. Team management is made simple on our Tournament Management System dashboard. Easily add anglers to teams and the live leaderboards will automatically update. You can look at individual anglers on the teams to see who’s anchoring each team and who’s been eating banana’s on the water!


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Download the iCatch App and create your account for free to compete in tournaments or create your own.

Enter Tournaments

There are always tournaments on the iCatch App. Don’t see a tournament you like? Create your own and invite your friends to compete against you.

Love Your Life

Sit back and relax, with the iCatch App managing the tournament, all you have to worry about is catching fish, we’ll take care of the rest!

Common Questions

How Can I Compete against my friends?

Using the iCatch App, you can create your own tournaments! Just tap the + circle and select Create a Tournament. Once you have entered all the tournament details, you can invite your friends to join by text or email!

How much does the iCatch App cost?

The app is free to download! You can post pictures, follow your friends, and keep up with your newsfeed and profile on the app. You can create your own tournament and invite your friends to compete against you all for free! iCatch App offers a Premium subscription for 4.99/month that allows you access to all Premium tournaments and events on the app. iCatch also hosts tournaments that have entry fees. These entry fees can vary from tournament to tournament.

How do I win a tournament?

Tournaments are judged by photos submitted by anglers competing in the tournament. All tournaments are judged based on the length of the fish in the photo. If your total length of fish caught is longer than all other anglers, then you win the tournament. The tournament director will contact you to claim your prize for winning if there has been a prize designated for the tournament.

Can I add a catch to multiple tournaments?

Yes! You can add your catch into as many tournaments as you want. As long as you have joined the tournament at the time you catch the fish and that tournament allows that species of fish in it, you can upload the catch into all eligible tournaments. Here is a YouTube Video showing you how to upload a catch into multiple tournaments: https://youtu.be/0enUDT6kQBY

Quality Design

Icatch app is specifically design for anglers. We have the most advanced yet very simple dashboard to use. You can create or join tournament in less then a minute.

High Performance

Our main focus is show real time statistics. All catches are verified by tournament organizer or icatch team member so everyone can have fair shot at victory.

Tournament Management Overview:

iCatch has developed a full admin dashboard which allows for easy tournament creation and judging. You can add judges to your tournament, approve, disqualify, penalized, adjust submissions with ease and comment back and forth with anglers directly on their catches.  From our admin dashboard, you can gain access to these features:

Team Tournaments
Team Management
Ticketing for In-Person Events
Form Management – W9, Liability, etc


Are you a part of club? Maybe you’re on a High School or College team? No matter how big or small your group is, iCatch can help with our Tournament Trail Management System. Using the iCatch Tournament Trail Management System, you get easy access to

Team Tournaments
Team Management
High School and College Team specials
Form Management – W9, Liability, etc.
Custom iCatch Rulers